SquirrelMail i18n statistics

Stats are available for:

SquirrelMail locales cvs, HEAD branch.
SquirrelMail locales cvs, SM-1_4_18 branch.
SquirrelMail locales cvs, SM-1_5_1 branch.

Older stats are not available.

You can get copy of latest (the one that was used to generate HEAD stats) locales cvs by downloading file from data directory

This package contains translations that are merged with strings available in po directory and compiled copies of translations (this is not the same thing that is available in CVS).

Gettext translations that are linked in these pages are merged with latest available strings and gziped. Modern browsers should decompress them automatically. Translations stored in cvs are not merged with latest available strings.

Information about added plugins

SquirrelMail locale releases



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